Audio Sermons

December 2007

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Rev Michael Flinn

I Will Redeem You

Exodus 6 Rev Michael Flinn

The Finger of God

Exodus 8:19 Rev Michael Flinn

The Lord's Passover

Exodus 12:11 Rev Michael Flinn
Rev Andrew Nugteren

The Weak and the Strong - Part I

Romans 14:1-12 Rev Andrew Nugteren

The Weak and the Strong - Part II

Romans 14:13-23 Rev Andrew Nugteren
Rev Michael Willemse

The Gospel in a Nutshell

Romans 1:1-7 Rev Michael Willemse

Living out of a Gospel Heart

Romans 1:8-17 Rev Michael Willemse

The Power of God

Romans 1:16-17 Rev Michael Willemse