Written Sermons

January 2013

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Rev John Haverland

The Blessing of Worshipping God

Psalm 84 Rev John Haverland

How Can I Repay the Lord (LD 45)

Psalm 116:12-14 Rev John Haverland

Comfort in Affliction

Psalm 131 Rev John Haverland

Genuine Prayer (LD 45)

Matthew 6:5-15 Rev John Haverland

Our Father in Heaven (LD 46)

Matthew 6:9 Rev John Haverland

Hallowed be Your Name (LD 47)

Matthew 6:9b Rev John Haverland

Your Kingdom Come (LD 48)

Matthew 6:10 Rev John Haverland

Your Will be Done (LD 49)

Matthew 6:10b Rev John Haverland

Our Daily Bread (LD 50)

Matthew 6:11 Rev John Haverland

Forgive Us Our Sins (LD 51)

Matthew 6:12 Rev John Haverland

To God be the Glory (LD 52)

Matthew 6:13b Rev John Haverland

Deliver Us From Evil (LD 52)

Matthew 6:13 Rev John Haverland

As We Forgive Others (LD 51)

Matthew 6:14-15 Rev John Haverland

The Son of David

Luke 2:1-7 Rev John Haverland
Rev Andre Holtslag

Jesus via Ruth

Ruth 1:1-15, 4:18-22 Rev Andre Holtslag

All Glory

Psalm 124 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Cause of Unbelief-Belief (Head 1 Article 5)

Psalm 138 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Faith Foundation Footnote (LD 52 QA 128)

Matthew 6:13 Rev Andre Holtslag

An Ends of the Earth Preview

Acts 8:2-40 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Arrestor Arrested

Acts 9:1-8 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Conviction Follows Arrest

Acts 9:1-19a Rev Andre Holtslag

The Persecutor Persecuted

Acts 9:15-16, 19b-30 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Beginning of the Ends of the Earth

Acts 9:31-43 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Bible's Berlin Wall

Acts 10:1-23a Rev Andre Holtslag

The Gospel Gets Super-sized

Acts 10:1-23b, 11:18 Rev Andre Holtslag

Why Christian was Coined

Acts 11:19-26 Rev Andre Holtslag

Power on Display

Acts 11:27-12:25 Rev Andre Holtslag

Tower of London

Acts 13:1-12 Rev Andre Holtslag

Sermon Evaluation Part 5

Acts 13:13-52 Rev Andre Holtslag

Christianity is Easy - Yeah Right

Acts 14 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Most Important Chapter in Acts

Acts 15:1 Rev Andre Holtslag

The First Church Council

Acts 15:2-18 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Law of Love

Acts 15:19-35 Rev Andre Holtslag

Providential Conflict

Acts 15:36-41 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Real Unexpected Journey

Acts 16:1-15 Rev Andre Holtslag

Why Me (Head 1 Articles 2-4)

Acts 16:6-15 Rev Andre Holtslag

An Uncommon Bunch with a Common Connection

Acts 16:16-40 Rev Andre Holtslag

Sermon Evaluation Part 6

Acts 17:1-3 Rev Andre Holtslag

Noble Dovedalians

Acts 17:4-12 Rev Andre Holtslag

Rescue at Sea (Head 1 Article 1)

Romans 5:12-21 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Comfort of One Decree (Head 1 Article 8)

Romans 8:28-30 Rev Andre Holtslag

Foreknowledge that Works (Head 1 Articles 9-11)

Romans 8:29 Rev Andre Holtslag

The R Word (Head 1 Articles 15,16,18)

Romans 9:1-29 Rev Andre Holtslag

Election - Comfort and Motivation (Head 1 Articles 6-7)

Ephesians 1:11 Rev Andre Holtslag

Atonement - Powerful and Particular (Head 2 Article 8)

Hebrews 9:12 Rev Andre Holtslag

Assurance (Head 1 Articles 12-13)

2 Peter 1:1-11 Rev Andre Holtslag

Everyone (Head 2)

2 Peter 3:9 Rev Andre Holtslag