Written Sermons

May 2016

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Rev Andre Holtslag

Praying to Pater (LD 46)

Matthew 6:5-15, 25-34 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Discipline of Prayer - Part 2 (LD 45)

Ephesians 6:18b Rev Andre Holtslag

The Discipline of Prayer - Part 1 (LD 45)

Ephesians 6:18 Rev Andre Holtslag

The Truth, The Whole Truth... (LD 43)

1 John 1 John Rev Andre Holtslag
Rev John Rogers

The Spirit-Filled Church

Acts 4:32 Rev John Rogers

Dealing with Adversity

Acts 4:1-31 Rev John Rogers

In Whose Name?

Acts 4:1-22 Rev John Rogers

Ah! Refreshment & Resoration

Acts 3:11-26 Rev John Rogers

Grace Above All We Ask or Think

Acts 3:1-19a Rev John Rogers

What is the Church all About

Acts 2:37-47 Rev John Rogers

Which is Richer - The Old Covenant or the New

Acts 2:37-40 Rev John Rogers

Biblical Repentance

Acts 2:37-40 Rev John Rogers

Jesus' Resurrection and You

Acts 2:25-36 Rev John Rogers

Mankind's Terrible Guilt

Acts 2:22-24 Rev John Rogers

Miracles, Wonders & Signs

Acts 2:22-36 Rev John Rogers


Acts 2:1-21 Rev John Rogers