Missions & Evangelism

The Reformed Churches of New Zealand, in obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), are committed to the priority of mission work both at home and overseas.

If you have any questions concerning our churches’ mission work, please contact the Overseas Mission Board at omb@rcnz.org.nz.

Missions at Home

The Reformed Churches of New Zealand are committed to the spread of the gospel through the work of local evangelism and church planting. In order to help facilitate gospel outreach, our Synod has established two committees; the Home Missions Committee and Church Extension Committee.

The task of the Home Missions Committee is to evaluate evangelism resources, investigate means of spreading the gospel, facilitate the sharing of information and resources and encourage churches in their task of local evangelism. Many of our local churches are actively involved in regular outreach programs such as religious education in State schools, Prison Fellowship, playgroups and children’s holiday programs.

The Church Extension Committee is the body authorised by Synod to provide financial assistance where necessary for those churches engaged in home missions and church planting. Within the last 10 years 3 new congregations were established and instituted. Oamaru in 2013, Whanganui in 2016 and Rangiora in 2017.

Mission Handbook

Missions Abroad

Our churches’ Overseas Mission Board supervises and regulates our overseas mission work on behalf of the churches.

Among various initiatives, our churches are co-operating with the Canadian Reformed Churches in Papua New Guinea and have contributed towards the construction of the Reformed Churches Bible College near Port Moresby.

Janice Reid
South East Asia

Janice Reid has served in missionary radio for over twenty years, working first for FEBC Radio International and then under the name Radio Training Services, an organisation formed by Janice and her French colleague, Jean-Luc Lebrun.

Janice lived in the Philippines for eight years, where she produced radio programmes for shortwave broadcast on FEBC’s Overseas English Service. Since 1997 she has been involved in training radio announcers and station managers, holding workshops in various Asian countries.

Next, Janice spent two years in Cambodia, developing and conducting training courses for radio announcers, and for programme directors of Christian radio stations. Janice began working with Reach Beyond in 2006, and has served as the radio trainer for the South East Asian sub-region.  After nearly 30 years serving overseas, Janice is now based in Hamilton. She is currently designing online courses, and continues to travel all over the Asia Pacific region to train broadcasters. The Hamilton congregation is Janice’s sending church.

Papua New Guinea

The Reformed Churches of New Zealand cooperates with the Canadian Reformed Churches in PNG and the Free Reformed Churches in Australia as we together partner with the Reformed Churches of PNG in the work of carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:19,20).

Hans & Lisa Vaatstra

Hans was called by Silverstream Reformed Church to join the Reformed Ministries PNG team as lecturer at the Reformed Churches Bible College in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. He teaches a range of subjects at both Certificate and Diploma level. Lisa has taught sewing class for about 18 months and is currently teaching a literacy class to 7 women from 9 Mile Church. Hans also assists the RCPNG South churches with outreaches, leadership training, mentoring, preaching, as advisor at consistory meetings and with pastoral care.


The Reformed Churches of New Zealand have also assisted the equipping of the local church by periodically sending a pastor to help with theological training within the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Uganda Mission.